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Colour me Chic

Colour as a powerful tool in your day-to-day fashion ‘What will I wear today?’ is a question you probably ask yourself very often. The answer to that usually depends on a number of variable factors like your personal style, your mood, the occasion, the season, who you’re meeting (virtually or in person), and maybe how ... Read more

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Making better choices is the new cool

Thanks to the immense exposure we have, we can proudly label ourselves the ‘woke generation.’ We are well aware of several issues that face us and their consequences, and we’re more than ready to work to counter them proactively. One such major problem plaguing our times is wastage and exploitation of resources, and the only ... Read more

Let’s Talk Prints

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Dear Self, I Love You

Being a girl certainly has its perks - the cute dresses, the fun hairstyles, lots of makeup, girl talk, oh and of course, the higher life expectancy! However, it’s also important for us to recognise that the society we live in hasn’t always been kind to us - in fact there are many industries that ... Read more

In Conversation with our #ShayeTribe

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Closer Than Ever #Quarantimes

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