Let’s Talk Prints

One of 2021’s hottest trends is predicted to be bold, vibrant prints – and you’re probably already seeing them everywhere, on your Instagram feed, fashion magazines, the runway and the streets. Fashion gurus are saying that prints will dominate this year, and we look forward to adding some vibrance and fun to our wardrobes in 2021 after the year we’ve all had, am I right?

If you’ve been tempted to try some fun prints, now is the time! And although it may feel a little scary at first, adding some colourful prints can not only help you elevate your look, but also express yourself more, embrace your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. What’s more? Some prints are inspired by heritage, culture and nature – and these can help you create looks that go from modern, to contemporary to boho-chic – whatever may be your personal style! There’s something for everyone.

We don’t want you to miss out so we’ve put together a little guide for you where we break down the hottest trends in print and some ideas on how to style them.

1. Flirty Florals

Soft, feminine, gorgeous

Always in vogue, florals are one of the most versatile prints you can wear. We’ve been seeing a large number of BIG floral prints lately (the bigger, the better!) but if that’s not your vibe, start with smaller, more delicate prints for a subtle but oh-so-chic look.

Shaye fashion

Embroidered florals are also very on trend, and definitely add an extra level of sophistication to the outfit.

SS2021 will see a lot of floral prints (groundbreaking, I know) in different colours, sizes and scale, so you can’t really go wrong.

Next time you’re going on a lunch date, or brunch with the girls, try a printed dress like our Sofia dress.

For a dinner, we recommend this Shaye skirt. And if you’re daring enough – pair it with our Lucca top (as pictured).

Shaye fashion
shaye fashion

2.Stylish Stripes

Do stripes ever go out of style? We think not

Probably the most loved print, stripes are a great way to add interest to your outfit without feeling over the top. Stripes can go from casual comfort wear to high fashion, as you’ll see on the runway all season. The fashion giants LOVE playing with stripes because they are not just appealing but HIGH on impact!


shaye fashion
shaye fashion

Stripes are a great starting point if you’re just getting into experimenting with prints in your wardrobe. Horizontal stripes give a safe, familiar feeling while giving a nod to Parisian style. However, vertical stripes are more flattering, captivating and fashionable. Vertical stripes elongate the body making you appear slimmer and taller – so they are great for that confidence boost! And if you’re feeling bold, try mixing print on print for an extra oomph!

3. Polka Dots

 Classic, cute, playful.

A classic and very familiar pattern – polka dots has made its way back into the fashion game (did it really ever leave?) Popular since the 1920s, this print is truly evergreen and always stays current. We love that it gives your look a retro touch, and when combined with modern cuts and silhouettes, it really makes a jaw-dropping statement. You can have some fun playing with colours and sizes of the dots – your style, your rules.

Shaye offers some really stunning tops and dresses with a chic take on this ever-popular trend

Shaye fashion
Shaye fashion

4. 70s Psychedelic Prints

Stay groovy, baby!

Colourful, vibrant, adventurous – 70s inspired prints are back! They are your go-to trend for a good trip (pun intended). You must have seen a lot of tie-dye, retro waves, groovy patterns in feel-good colours taking over the fashion world. So if you’re feeling bold, experimental and want to go for something unconventional, try this trend.

shaye fashion
Shaye fashion

Our Oscar top (left) is great for flaunting this trend when you’re feeling experimental. Our Athenia dress (right) is perfect for any occasion.

5. Abstract Camo

Let’s switch it up!

shaye fashion

For a long time now, camo print has been a favourite but only limited to loungewear, sportswear and athleisure. 2021 will see this print updated in stunning colours and offbeat patterns to fit in with high street and high fashion couture. Experiment with pastel colours or more vibrant tones and the traditional combat print is transformed into a chic, feminine and edgy print. Ready, set, SLAY.

Shaye’s new spring-summer collection brings you a number of super chic options – stylish jumpsuits, edgy skirts, cool tees and a kimono.

shaye fashion

Still feeling unsure about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a print for the first time?

Try finding a print that you feel reflects your personality and helps you express yourself, in colours that you’re comfortable with. This will definitely be less daunting as it will still feel like you. Or safer yet, try incorporating prints in your accessories first (a striped scarf, floral printed bag, polka dotted headband) and then move on to bigger pieces.

shaye fashion

Wearing a solid coloured jacket or shrug over a printed top will also have you feeling dressed to the nines.

Other fun ways to play with print

Pair a printed skirt with a solid top in the same colour for an effortlessly chic look.

Mixing prints is a great way to express your artsy creative side. Contrast is key. Play with scale (really big and really dainty) or even try combining two completely different patterns (like stripes and florals). But don’t mix more than 2 – it can look chaotic and kind of confusing. Our Emma top effortlessly combines stripes and florals – it’s oh-so-chic!

shaye fashion

Stay inspired and ALWAYS have fun! We firmly believe that fashion should be fun so if you see something that you like, go for it!


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